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Performance Coaching

Now Available for Online Coaching

Look Better  -  Feel Better  -  Perform better

Why Performance coaching?

Are you not, or no longer, satisfied with the result of your performance?
Do you recognize the feeling that your head says that you can do better, but your body is not cooperating?

Whether it concerns sports performance or stage presence, Performance Coaching understands what the body needs to perform.


My name is Patrick Bommelé

I have been working as a trainer/coach for almost 20 years. As a former top athlete I know what it takes to perform and I know the benefits of having a good coach alongside you.

My passion is: to help you to get your performance to the level that will make you happier in life.


How can I help you?



Sport Performance
Personal Training

Life Coaching
Stage Performance

Nutritional counseling

Healthy food
More energy

To strengthen

To lose weight

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